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The main HighIQSmartasses group on Facebook is one of the HighIQWorld discussion groups on Facebook.


From the Facebook Group Page

This is the small, renegade HighIQWorld group where funny and cynical trump proper every time.


Unlike many other high-IQ groups, we do not tolerate trolling, rude behavior, ad hominems, and general acrimony. Anyone who engages in such behavior will be given one (1) warning before being removed from the group.


If you have been added to this group and do not wish to be included, please feel free to remove yourself. Unfortunately, Facebook changed the way such groups work, and members can no longer send invitations. We can only "add members." Thanks for your understanding.

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This applies to any and all of your groups. Go to "edit settings" (upper right) > "email notifications" (disable) while on the group's page. Alternately, go to "account" (FB menu bar on top) > "notifications" > "groups" > "change email settings for individual groups" to change multiple groups' settings at once.


  • Number of members: 37
  • Date of last membership count: 15 Feb 12

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