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Screenshot of HighIQWorld Guidelines page

The HighIQWorld Guidelines are the guidelines that govern participation in all HighIQWorld groups.


The Guidelines apply to participants in all HighIQWorld groups, on Facebook and elsewhere.

The most recent version of the HighIQWorld Guidelines can be viewed here at any time. The main document is maintained on Google.

Text of Guidelines

Members are asked to follow these minimal guidelines to help maintain the integrity of the group:

1. Name-calling, serious insults, ad hominems, or other forms of personal attack are NOT ALLOWED. Likewise, we do not allow trolling, general nastiness, or other forms of negative behavior that are detrimental to the group. Members are expected to behave in a civil manner at all times.

2. Group members retain the copyright for their posts here. For that reason, and also out of respect for members' privacy, DO NOT repost others' words from this group or otherwise share others' posts without the permission of the individual whose words you wish to share.

3. So as not to cause the group to devolve into an abyss from which members feel they must remove themselves, group members are asked to refrain from excessive and inappropriate use of profanity, as well as posting "x-rated" photos or other inappropriate material. Likewise, posting of spam, advertisements, affiliate links, and similar material is not allowed without the express written consent of HighIQWorld.

The first violation of any of these basic guidelines will result in a warning. The second violation will result in the offending member's removal from the group.

New members may be admitted on a trial basis and are subject to random qualification checks.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact me or a group admin.

Karyn Huntting Peters

HighIQWorld Founder